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GUO present GLITSH (with Elvin Brandhi)

GUO present GLITSH (with Elvin Brandhi)

Fri 13 Mar .20
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a slippery inter-ekphrastic audio-visual glide

GUO is a multidisciplinary duo formed of Daniel Blumberg and Seymour Wright. At Pilar they will make a new work in collaboration with the musician and artist Elvin Brandhi
"No more a-c power line "glitches" (horizontal-bar interference) - because camera filaments are operated from a separate d-c source".

[RCA ad for the TK-11A studio television camera in "Broadcasting Telecasting" magazine, Jan. 12, 1953]
The name ‘GUO’ itself is ancient Chinese for a metal vessel, or cooking pot. The group are continually generating work by engaging with a range of distinctly-voiced collaborators across different mediums. Most recently GUO4 (Mute2019), saw them work with Crystabel Riley (drum skins), Fran Edgerley [Assemble] (text) and Peter Strickland (film) which premiered at the 76th Venice Film Festival in 2019. Other collaborations have included responses from English musician, author and professor,  David Toop (GUO1) and the American filmmaker Brady Corbet (GYUTO)
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Doors: 20:30
In advance: € 5,00
At the door: € 7,00
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