Free Exhibition
The Wilderness Hidden Underneath

The Wilderness Hidden Underneath

Thu 05 Mar - Thu 02 Apr .20
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The poetry of the error

The poetry of the error, the aesthetic of the mistake, the battered translation from the analogue to the digital and vice versa. The moment when a system derails and strays from its particular path.

The true nature of the machine or system - and the wilderness hidden underneath the orderly surface suddenly makes itself evident through a glitch.

'The wilderness hidden underneath' shows the work of visual artists who investigate, manipulate and purify these crashes, bugs, errors, feedback and noise.

With work from, among others

Benjamin Verhoeven - Eva Vermeiren - Elias Heuninck - Karolien Chromiak -  Liselotte Van Daele - Naama Roth - Stien Bekaert - Seppe De Meyere 
Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday: 2 pm - 8 pm
On days with a program in the Pilar Box, the exhibition is open until 10 pm
Opening/ vernissage: Thursday 05.03: 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm
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