Through The Looking-Glass (and what we found there)

Through The Looking-Glass (and what we found there)

Mon 09 Mar 2020
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Mats Vandroogenbroeck, Nona Demey Gallagher and Timo Sterckx

Bastardo 1, 2 and 3 are boom suddenly in a very special living room. As in a rêverie, they cannot remind themselves how they appear there. They have never seen each other - never ni (or ni or yes or ni or yes?) The bastardi comes over with a sense of déjà vision. They speculate. Do they have to look for in- or exits? Or do they stay internal better? Are they free willy or has their lottery been drawn for a long time? The more they philosophize, the more they spin in eight. The atmosphere becomes para-frigid, communication splashes. The question remains: "What are we doing here?
"Sartres 'Huis clos' in a science fiction version" — Theaterkrant
Helena Vermeye


Concept and performance: Mats Vandroogenbroeck, Nona Demey Gallagher, Timo Sterckx - Text: Mats Vandroogenbroeck Technique: Ole Ceenaeme -  Music: Moses Mosuse - Scenographic advice: Sibran Sampers -  Image: Helena Verheye, Manou Storms -  Coaching: Joachim Robbrecht, Lukas Smolders, Wannes Gyselinck -  Thanks to: Joeri Happel, Jana De Kockere, Fabrice Delecluse, Grégory Abel, Campo Gallago, Campo Galg, Arenberg
"Wonderful theater, devolderian post-apocalyptic" — Jury report TAZ 2019
As part of Pilar ASAP Thu 05 Mar — Thu 02 Apr 2020 The Glitch Edition An ode to the momentum where a system derails
Starts 20:00
Duration: 75 minutes
Language: Dutch

From 2 pm till 10 pm you can also visit the free exhibition "The Wilderness Hidden Underneath".
Presale: € 5,00
At the door: € 8,00
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