Mon 15 Mar 2021

Captains of the Liège - heck! - Belgian punk scene

Throughout the ASAP festival period, Pilar will be releasing new, 360° Echo Sessions that you can listen to and watch in virtual reality. Experience no less than six concert sessions from the front row in a 360° experience. While dancing around your kitchen. Or while hanging in your coach, armed with a six-pack. The choice is yours. We offer you a carefully curated VR concert series recorded live in our Pilar Box. Each 360° session lasts +/- 20 minutes. Once released, the sessions will stay online until April 30. Buy your VR-Box with VR cardboard viewer or get access to all sessions via free contribution and watch with your own material. More info on all VR ASAP Concert Sessions here
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Captains of the Liège - heck! - Belgian punk scene. Their music might be nasty, provocative, dirty, and mean, but their message is always a positive one that should leave a mark as deep as their riffs will cut. 
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You can’t start a band called Cocaine Piss and be serious at the same time, can you? It would be the equivalent of naming your kid something like Kick Me In The Head Throughout Life Whenever Possible Smith. It’s not exactly the best commercial boost to a new thing. But ever since coming into twisted existence in 2014 in the Belgian city of Liège, pretty much as a bad taste joke, Cocaine Piss never really had time to consider such fine details, like having a band name that you can safely say in public, or just having any kind of plan for anything. They just revved the engine of the piss rocket and watched it launch, and before they knew it, it was flying sky-high.Pretty soon the band became an important name in the Walloon alternative rock scene. Not because they held serious meetings with important people, or because they meticulously traced a conquest schedule on their spreadsheets. No, the band’s method has always been showing up and whipping up a chaotic mess with their high octane blend of punk and noise that’s all over within 20/25 minutes. It’s like Dead Kennedys, Bikini Kill and Melt Banana all playing at once while really high on their namesake substance, right up until the venue cuts the power and everything’s suddenly over, leaving you euphoric, disoriented and punching walls just for fun. The atomic energy of their hit and run shows inevitably started to get some attention from bookers and press within the splash zone of Flanders and the Netherlands and so, like a crass joke that you can’t stop from spreading, Cocaine Piss started to spread their fluffy wings across Europe too.Their music might be nasty, provocative, dirty and mean, but their message is always a positive one that should leave a mark as deep as their riffs will cut. Gender equality is the main thread in their work, and they always make it a point to collaborate with young and promising people. 
As part of Pilar ASAP Thu 04 — Wed 31 Mar 2021 The Echo Edition Between fantasy and reality, between fiction and fact.
This session will be released by email to all ticket and VR BOX owners from March 15th - 8pm to April 30th.
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