07 Oct 19: Pilar x Mindblowers

Pilar x Mindblowers

The time is now! For the third year in a row, VUB and KVS are kicking off the new season and academic year together. Artists and scientists will be exploring a theme in brief, surprising, urgent and fiery interventions. This year the theme is TIME, a fascinating concept that has been occupying artists and scientists for centuries. How it changes, how everything returns, what time teaches us, and how we can capture it in art or science. Performances and interventions at the crossroads of art, culture and reflection.
Pilar is your guide for the mindblowing afterparty. Come and dance with us on Monday Oct 7th at our silent disco. Don’t worry about time. Sergeant (DJ-set) and DJ ORDO. will guide you through the night.
The entrance is free but registration is required on the website of KVS.
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