26 Sept 19: Brussels Brost turns 10 – Let’s celebrate!

Brussels Brost turns 10 – Let’s celebrate!

Once again Brussel Brost will be celebrating the start of this academic year. For the tenth time you can enjoy an excellent selection of artists at this free student festival.  ► Our advice: definitely pay Borokov Borokov a visit on September, 26th (see you at 7:30 pm at the Stoemp!café). But Pilar also celebrates the festival anniversary of Brussel Brost! Together with f.o.t.a. (in favor of the artist) we will take over the Brussels & ikVillage on the festival site. F.o.t.a, the artists' collective of architect Joris Kerremans (°1990) and curator Laurens Mariën (°1990) presents PILGRIMAGE, a place of pilgrimage for artists. Come and behold their installation with work by young Belgian artists such as Jade Kerremans, Dries Van Laethem & Stan Auwers.


Between 2 pm and 7 pm you will find us between their Pilgrimage pillars. Learn more about us and get to know Pilar or join the Pilarjenga! Who knows, you might turn back home with a magnificent Pilar prize.

Silent Disco

Afterwards our own party starts from 8 pm onwards. We turn the Pilgrimage into our Pilar Silent Disco. Release your inner dance devil. Come and shake the soul out of your body on the favorite tracks of f.o.t.a. Joris & Laurens. Hope to see you there!
Count me in!
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