PILAR ASAP - THE GLITCH EDITION: the tips of Ysaline, Jeffrey and Charlotte

Glitch through the eyes of three Brussels students

If you could only choose one event out of ten from our festival, which event would you pick? We asked three students from Brussels: 

Ysaline Magnus, 20 years old – Student Communication Management

As a person who loves to go out and have fun with friends, I will undoubtedly choose the Opening Night of the festival. I love an atmospheric party where I can get completely carried away by new music. I personally don't know the DJ's and artists who will be performing, but that's the exciting thing about it. Who knows, I might discover my new favourite artist on Thursday.

Charlotte Moerman, 22 years old – Student Educational sciences (Cultural)

I'm looking forward to the Repair Dinner. It's a fun concept where you can ask all kinds of pressing questions about different current topics during a three-course dinner. The themes that will be discussed during this edition really appeal to me. As an Art Scientist, I often think about the savings in the arts and cultural sector, but the climate change, for example, is also something I’m aware of.

Jeffrey Wynnyk, 24 years old – Student Educational Sciences

I like the ‘je m'en fou’ style in the line-up of the Closing Night. A lot of respect for Berry and the six O'clock gang who put the Brussels Hip-Hop scene on the map. I secretly hope that Zwangere Guy will sneak into PILAR and drop a couple of Barz. Speaking of Barz, BERRY's friends are also doing well in the Netherlands. I've only known Roedel for a year so there's not much to tell about them, but there's a lot to discover. Roedel, sorry, 'het spijt me ... niet.' 
Then we have the dark atmosphere from KRANKk inspired by Grime & UK Garage to close the night. Definitely be there and who's going to miss it, ‘je m'en fou’!
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